Marine technology

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WELCOME. This site utilizes the internet to illustrate themes in marine technology. You are welcome to an absolutely free surf of the themes presented. The site is primarily written for educational purposes, but may also be used for solving industrial problems. You will learn about physics, methods, principles and industrial practices. Enjoy your surfing on facts about marine technology. The prime objects we will study are sealoads and the effect of these loads on marine structures.

Marine stuctures may be

This site is by no means complete and it hopefully never will finished. We are continously working on the material. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improvments or if you want to contribute.

So far, we have material that illustrates topics in marine hydrodynamics and marine stuctures

This site is a self learning system for marine hydrodynamics and marine stuctures. The state of the art is presented as a "click and play and learn" model. Some parts give you the possibility to specify attributes and see the consequences of your choices. It might be nice to complement the surfing on this site with seminars or some kind of traditional teaching, but you can certainly go by yourself if you want..