Ship girder java applet

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A screenshot of the applet

This applet illustrates a simple model of calculating resulting force, shear force and bending moment on the ship girder when applying loads. The barge is 100 m long, 10 m wide, and have a maximum draugth of 10 m. Loads are given from -50 m (aft) to +50 m (bow), and you can specify different load strength in the start and end coordinate, giving a linearily distributed load. If you give the same value at both coordinates, the load will be constant over the lenght of the load. Select "Point Load" on the left side to experimant with point loads.

You can load the barge as long as the load doesn't introduce a draught of more than 10 m. If the barge is loaded assymetrical about the center, the barge will trim to counteract this moment of the load. You can see the moment and trim angle that the loads will introduce on the lower left panel. The applet will not accept loads whoose coordinates exceeds +/- 50m, loads whoose first coordinate is greater the the second, negative loads, or loads that introduces a draught more than 10 m.

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